One-on-One Introductions

All it takes is the right introduction to a single individual to accelerate your corporations path to greatness. As part of our Pedigree Build StrategyTM, we tap into our network of advisors and consultants to identify key relationships for your business and personally introduce you to some of your industry’s most sought after decision makers. Be it a formal meeting, VIP cocktail party, or a private dinner or happy hour with 3-4 people, this VIP service open doors and create opportunities that could otherwise take years of resources to acquire.

Our One-on-One experience includes:

  • Personal introductions and meetings with key power players in your industry
  • Introductions to federal agency executives, NGO / .ORG leadership, and other program and initiative
  • leaders relevant to your industry niche
  • Invitations to closer door meeting and VIP events
  • Involvement in exclusive cocktail parties and other high-profile functions
  • And more …