Increase Your Revenue & Sales


Turnkey Solutions that Increase Revenue & Build Brand Fast

SpitFire offers turn-key power positioning for your company among the premier echelons of thought leaders, CEOs, and Washington D.C. powerbase in your industry niche; directly impacting your company’s revenue and propelling your brand’s reputation at speeds never before possible.


Here are just a few ways that Spitfire Alliance assists our clients:


You have a need for revenue growth.

You have a need to get in front of a specific and very targeted niche of decision makers.

You need to optimize your sales and promotional reach but don’t want to take on the financial burden of paying benefits, multiple additional salaries and commissions.

Your company needs to carve out a solid position at the top of the food chain in your niche.

You need the social media facilitation that will take your powerful publicity viral.

You need to become the obvious choice for your potential clients.

You need to continuously enhance your professional pedigree by participating in exclusive expert panels and be seen with the right people at the right time.

You need an influential forum to demonstrate your knowledge and corporate solutions.

You need a steady flow of hard hitting and powerful publicity that keeps you relevant in a competitive marketplace.

You need powerful alliances that will work with you in a mutually beneficial and meaningful manner.

You need back to back meetings with NGOs, Congressional Caucus Members and the Washington DC powerbase but don’t have the time.

We have the contacts and expertise you need that will put this into motion fast.

We have trusted relationships with those contacts and will set up appointments with them.

We are your outsource alternative.

We have the strategy that will do this virtually from the first week.

We have the strategy in place that will make this happen.

We will give you the all-encompassing leverage that will make you that choice.

We make this happen for you from the very first week as a client.

We offer you a forum with a ready audience.

We have the rolodex that will make ongoing publicity turnkey as our contacts are among the highest level of the NGO, legislative and federal agency sectors.

We have those alliances to offer you.

We meet with them on your behalf and you receive all the benefits.